Friday, December 9, 2011

DIY Hermes Scarves into Pillows

A lot of people were inspired by Hermes 2010 ad campaign with Karlie Kloss. Particularly by the 'Princess and the Pea' picture with Hermes scarves creating the pillows and mattresses. I didn't know about the concept until I watched Fashion Hunters this week and they visited the home of one of their consigners and she had over-sized Hermes scarves that she had created pillows from. The vibrant colors and patterns created such a unique atmosphere. Not to mention being amazing conversation starters!

Now the Hermes Scarves range anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to thousands depending on the rarity. If your budget doesn't quite stretch to this, you can do it with other scarves you own or have collected, or (if you're home-ec challenged like me), even buy versions. 

If you want to try DIY, this is Apartment Therapy's way to do it:
You'll need durable, decorative fabric, such as silk shantung, for the back, and muslin to reinforce your find.
1. Cut a piece of muslin 1/4 inch larger than scarf all around. Center scarf on it, right side up; pin, and stitch to muslin 1/8 inch from scarf edge.
2. Make a back with an envelope-style closure (two flaps that overlap, for inserting pillow): Cut two pieces of fabric, each three-quarters as long as the muslin and the same width. Stitch a 1 1/2-inch hem on one end of each. With scarf right side up, lay one piece of fabric at each end of scarf, right sides down, hems pointing toward center. Pin, and stitch to scarf just inside previously created 1/8-inch seam.
3. Turn, and press out corners with a knitting needle. Iron, and then slip pillow form inside.
 So that's it. Sound doable? If it sounds like your version of the Sisyphean task, here are some other ways to  get the look without sitting and sewing for a week. Check out Etsy's vintage and designer scarf pillows...
Purple London silk scarf pillow cushion 19" 1950s Mid-Century Tourist Souvenir Landmarks Shabby Chic BohoVintage Silk Cushion Picasso Modern Art Very Large Floor Cushion Cover made from Vintage Silk Twill ScarfVintage Oscar De La Renta Cushion Cover made with Upcycled Designer Silk Scarf Japanese Kabuki MulticolouredYacht Cushion Sailing Nautical Pillow Blue and White Square Cover 18"1958 Bruxelles Expo Silk Scarf Cushion Cover Upcycled Remade Vintage Pillow Pale Blue AtomiumBlack Silk Vintage Pillow Floor Cushion Hot Air Balloons - Upcycled Remade from vintage silk scarf with green silk stripe back. Huge
Keep in mind, these are all one-of-a-kind versions off of Etsy, but there are lots more where they came from!

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