Monday, October 17, 2011

Trending Now: Sequins

There is no better way to make an outfit pop than to add sequins. It adds texture to a mono-chromatic palette and makes the most boring outfit fun. Whether you're layering it or making the entire outfit about it, you're going to have a great outfit. What I really love about what's happening in fashion right now is that fashion bloggers are adding it to their daytime outfits, rather than regulating it purely to evening wear. Chic Muse, The Blonde Salad, The Cherry Blossom Girl and Her Waise Choise are just a few of the bloggers starting to add in sequins.

Chic Muse in Dolce and Gabbana Sequins just before the Milan Fashion Show

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The Cherry Blossom Girl, a French fashion blogger, in a white sequin skirt

DSC_6614 copia
The Blonde Salad with friends during Fashion Week

Late Afternoon in a Zara sequin skirt

Chic Muse in a D and G sequin tuxedo vest

Her Waise Choice gives her take on sequins for daytime

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