Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What you need to know: Fashion Week Crisis

So compared to the mammoth fashion weeks of New York and Milan, London's fashion week is small potatoes. According to an article in The Telegraph, it's feeling like the un-wanted sibling after Marc Jacobs kept their models late in New York and now Gucci has flexed some muscles and ordered their models to fly out early for fittings. (The same models who are currently walking in London shows) Not to mention the poor girls are flying back and forth from pre-castings in Milan to shows in London and back to Milan for fittings. One designer lost 10 out of 19 models that were walking in his show due to all of this. The bottom line seems to that the London schedule needs to be re-vamped, and the finger is being pointed at the British Fashion Council. To read more click on the picture below...

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