Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fashion News: What You Need to Know

  • Ready To Wear: In fashion, to tweet or remain discreet?
    Susannah Frankel of The Independent discusses how designers are approaching the new digital age of advertising as Burberry does it's first "tweet-walk" but Tom Ford goes even more selective with his audience (only 150 carefully selected buyers and press). Will exclusitivity or mass-awareness be the better advertising tool?
  • Designer Uniforms: 10 designers who always wear the same thing
    The only rule in fashion is that it is constantly changing. We look to designers like Karl Lagerfeld, Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs and Carolina Herrara's runways to tell us what to wear. But did you ever notice they don't change what they wear season to season? 
  • Gwyneth Paltrow wears Pucci a week before it makes its runway debut!
    Talk about the best advertising strategy ever! We all saw Paltrow at the Oscars wearing that incredible gown. It was possibly the most talked about one of the night, AND it walked on the runway a whole week later. Guess she really is the Fashion World's Darling of the Moment. 
  • Magazines Begin to Sell the Fashion They Review
    Eric Wilson of the New York Times discusses how popular fashion magazines (GQ, Esquire and Vogue) are all starting to connect the dots of how they can make more money online. The magazines are collaborating with e-commerce sites such as Moda Operandi or even starting their own. They will be receiving commissions based on how their magazines drives sales to those sites. Alternatively, stores such as Barney's or Neiman Marcus are publishing catalogs that look more like magazines. The lines have gotten blurred and one has to wonder if eventually the magazines and stores will all be one entity?


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